Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


"Look with favor upon a bold beginning."
-- Virgil


"Play by the rules, but be ferocious."
Phil Knight, founder of Nike


"The man who does not make any mistakes does not usually make anything."
William Connor Magee


"Bantering and joking around and seeing things in a funny way, maybe a cynical way, even a skeptical way, is second nature for New Yorkers."
Robert Mankoff, cartoon editor for the New Yorker.


"We discover that who we are has always been good enough. It is who we were intended to be."
-- Marianne Williamson


"You are a three-fold being. You consist of body, mind, and spirit. You could also call these the physical, the nonphysical and the metaphysical. This is the Holy Trinity, and it has been called by many names". 
-- Meditations from Conversations with God


"Life will flow easily and gracefully when you simply allow it. Choose right now to simply allow it... Allow the problems to come and then allow them to go just as quickly. Peacefully accept the disappointments and you'll have no trouble with peacefully letting them go... Stop fighting against what is, and you'll clearly see how to make the most of it. Welcome each new experience and you'll quickly find the value it brings... Leave the worries and anxieties behind, for they add nothing to your life. Be at peace, and you will feel the fullness of your power... Allow the rich abundance to flow naturally and unhindered through your life. And delight in the fulfillment that is yours to create".
-- Ralph Marston


"Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule."
-- Stephen King


"There is great power in truth. There is great power in authenticity.

"It can be comforting for a while to overlook or deny who you truly are, in order to go along with the crowd. Yet it is a false comfort that never does last.

"There is no person you can pretend to be who is as powerful and effective as the person you really are. No identity you might try to manufacture will ever work as well as the identity that has always been a part of you.

"With authenticity, no effort is needed to maintain your sense of self. It flows easily and naturally through everything you do, freeing you and enabling you to live life fully.

"You are real and you are unique and you are of great value. It is in your best interest to mine the magnificent treasure of the authentic you.

"Do not merely go along with life. Be authentic, and you will make it great".

-- Ralph Marston


"...Change cannot be avoided in life. So do not resist change, embrace it. Life is changing all the time -- and certainly the day-to-day conditions on our planet are changing now in ways we could not have expected -- so the fact of change is real, and very present. Our invitation from life is to not let changes get us down, but to lift ourselves up, and move past them."
-- Neale Donald Walsch


"You don't have to go back and deal with childhood issues, because those childhood issues produced a vibration within you that you are still offering -- which is producing today issues. You can shift your vibration a whole lot easier when you're dealing with today issues, than trying to deal with childhood issues. It's the same vibration. That vibration that was creating childhood issues, now it's creating today issues. Deal with it in your now. 'Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better?'"
-- Abraham-Hicks


"I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up - they have no holidays."
-- Henny Youngman


"...Your light is seen, your heart is known, your soul is cherished by more people than you might imagine...If you knew how many others have been touched in wonderful ways by you, you would be astonished. If you knew how many people feel so much for you, you would be shocked...You are far more wonderful than you think you are... Rest with that. Rest easy with that. Breathe again. You are doing fine. More than fine. Better than fine. You're doin' great. So relax. And love yourself today".
-- Neale Donald Walsch


"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up".
-- Jesse Jackson


"The time has come to get clear about who you are and what you choose... There come moments in every person's life when a decision is necessary... A big decision. A major choice... Such a time is now... What you get to choose today is who you are and who you choose to be, and what you wish to experience in your life... Remember, not to decide is to decide".
-- Neale Donald Walsch


"Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines."
-- Gary Sinise


"The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B."
--  James Yorke


"It may seem that you cannot control exterior circumstances, but you can always control interior ones... Your internal world -- the reality that you encounter within your mind and emotions -- is a world that you and only you control and create... How you experience everything is up to you. Your reactions need not be automatic or similar to ones you
have had before".

-- Neale Donald Walsch


"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
-- George Bernard Shaw


"... The biggest question in life is, How much good can you accept?... Good is flowing to you every day. How much of it you experience depends on how much of it you can accept. And how much of it you can accept depends upon how 'worthy' you believe that you are".
-- Neale Donald Walsch


"To successfully move away from an undesirable situation, decide exactly where you wish to go. Create a powerful intention for yourself, and feed that intention with the energy that's in your desire for change".
-- Ralph Marston


“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop".
-- Confucius


"One should not give up, neglect, or forget for a moment his inner life, but he must learn to work in it, with it, and out of it, so that the unity of his soul may break out in all his activities". 
-- Meister Eckhart


"Non-action is the purest and most effective form of action. The game plays the game; the poem writes the poem; we can't tell the dancer from the dance". 
-- Stephen Mitchell


"Have fun with this. Be playful about it. Be light and easy about it. Pamper yourself more. Be nicer to yourself more. Care less what others say. Complain not at all. And praise as often as you can. And if you can't praise, at least say nothing!"
-- Abraham-Hicks


"For every task that is given me, there is also given me all the power necessary for the performance of that task. I do not need to hold back".
-- Twenty-Four Hours a Day


"Be thankful for what is. And be thankful also for what has not yet come to you. For that is where the possibilities are. And those possibilities have no limit". 
-- Ralph Marston


"Long after a bitter failure, some of us still cling to the hope that we can erase the defeat in some spectacular way. One dream is to “prove ourselves” to those who scorned us or put us down.This never really works, even when we do become winners at some later time. For one thing, we may be proving ourselves to people who never will like us. If we are striving to show others that we can succeed, we are still dancing to their tune. We are accepting their idea of what success should be".
-- Walk in Dry Places, as quoted by Scott.


"Life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy".
-- Florence Scovel Shinn


"The way you say your truth can be hurtful. So speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace".
-- Neale Donald Walsch