Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


'I don't see people who are nasty or read nasty things. This makes me more tranquil"
-- Brooke Astor on her 100th Birthday tomorrow.

"I know many of my husband's ex-girlfriends who will agree that if every man was was as good in bed as David, there would be a lot of happy women in the world,"
-- Liza Minnelli

"If Liza was expecting passion with David on their wedding night, believe me, she's still waiting."
-- Ruth Warrick , as quoted in The Globe.

"We moved in together one week after we met, that says it all."
-- Liza Minnelli

"I know who I am. That's the important thing. She knows who she is, and we're so in love we've got our own world."
-- David Gest

"Ruth Warrick is trying to capitalize on the attention of our wedding"... "It is unfortunate that an 86-year-old woman, like Ruth Warrick, can think that a friendship is more than just that. Ruth Warrick is old enough to be David's grandmother."
-- Liza Minnelli, as told to Page Six.

"It's all a big mistake. I never should have said it"... "I feel very badly about it. I guess I was a little giddy. I feel terrible to rain on their parade."
--Ruth Warrick, as told to Page Six.