Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


"Has it ever occurred to you when you see something you don’t like to call it something else? Lately as I use my victim consciousness less and less I seem to recognize things differently in my life.

"It is my new thought that we have “made up” everything in our lives so far. So why not make up something else if we don’t like what we made up already? It may seem illogical and irrational at first, but when you think about it, it makes sense. I think none of this stuff we’re experiencing is real, except that perhaps it is a real experience, and that is why we have called it to us…to experience it.

"Accountability seems to be something lacking in our thought process today. I don’t mean that to justify anyone’s outrage over what has been done to them. This isn’t for you to continue to be upset because someone hurt you and they haven’t owned up to it yet. I’m writing this to give you the opportunity to become accountable for creating your life and all of the events that have taken place in it. I suggested this to someone recently and they asked me why they would do such terrible things to themselves. I told them that “Why?” isn’t important. The only real answer to that is you did it so that you could experience it and you made up everyone who participated in it.

"Here is the reprieve, because you have made up everything so far, you can make up something else and you will find yourself with people who are different and ready to participate in the new experiences with you.

"But we must take accountability for our lives. I don’t call it blame; I call it accountability. When you are accountable for your life, you are in charge of your life. That stuff you have been calling bad, call it an event. That stuff you are afraid of, admit you made up the fear. Every time you feel yourself resisting the future, remember you’ve just left the present. Admit that you are good on a regular basis. Admit that God is good on a regular basis. Admit that your life is good on a regular basis. Why not? It beats calling it something else".

-- Reverend Shawn Moninger