Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


"I have always been possessed by obsessive thoughts that I can't get rid of unless I act them out." So says my Cancerian friend Andrew, a conceptual artist. "Luckily for me," he continues, "in recent years I've retrained myself to feed on creative obsessions that inspire my art rather than on worried, petty obsessions that disrupt my life. I'd be an obnoxious lunatic if I didn't have my work to serve as an outlet for my relentless fantasy life." This is an excellent approach for most Cancerians to emulate all the time, but it's especially apropos these days. Your imagination is even more fertile and active than usual; it'll drive you crazy unless you channel it towards a noble goal."
-- Robert Brezny, astrologer and author of the column, Real Astrology.