Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


"...I invite you to do the following ritual to mark this date in history and powerfully choose to give up the old for the new. Begin by making a list of all that you are willing to let go of. Write down all the thoughts, behaviors, excuses, fears or justifications that have stopped you in the past. Then look over that list and see how all of it has served you. Be willing to receive the gifts of your past actions, for hidden within them is vital wisdom that can be used as fuel to propel you toward the future you desire. After you have extracted these lessons and blessed all that is on your list, find a way to dispose of it. You can burn it (but make sure you do it in a very safe way), bury it, tear it up, or wrap it in some nice paper and throw it away."
-- Debbie Ford