Eclectic quotations accumulating in Hell's Kitchen, NY, USA.


"George Bush seems as unbeatable as any unbeatable incumbent has ever been... While there are lots of people who would like to believe they can passionately will this not to be true, the main premise of this election is a deep fatalism about the inevitability of George Bush. Nothing short of cataclysm would appear to be able to dislodge him. Such a stoic sense of reality makes the primaries ?the upset in Iowa last week, the attempt to regain footing in New Hampshire this week ?seem something like fantasy baseball and the people out in Iowa and New Hampshire like quaint hobbyists (if not weird cultists)...
The preposterous rise of Howard Dean was the initial reaction to the Bush lock: What do we have to lose? Let?s be bold?. The backlash against Dean, the second: What have we done here? We?re not just going to be creamed, we?re going to be a laughingstock."
-- Michael Wolff, New York Magazine