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"As 2006 comes to a close, the forces of the universe conspire to make these last few days an unbelievably powerful time to assess where you've been, acknowledge where you are right now, and dream your most beautiful life into being. So use this week as a demarcation point and make the internal commitment to radically alter any part of your life that isn't working.

"Here's a unique perspective for accelerating your process...

"For a moment, I'd like you to imagine that you're sitting in a comfortable, plush chair in front of a large, high-definition TV screen. You have a remote control in your hand, and you are just about to tune into a particular channel. This is the station where you've spent most of your time over the past 6 - 12 months. It contains the programming - the content - that has most often captured your attention, and it directly relates to the predominant experiences, thoughts, and feelings you've had over the past year. So, with that in mind, what channel have you been watching?

"Could it be one of the following:

"The Stress Channel, The Self-Pity Channel, The Peaceful Channel, The Self-Esteem Channel, The Health and Wellness Channel, The Insecurity Channel, The Fear Channel (a very crowded one!), The Romantic Comedy Channel, The Blame & Resentment Channel, The Bliss Channel, The Having It All Channel, The Divine Connection Channel, The Gratitude Channel, or The New Beginnings Channel?

"The options are truly infinite.

"In looking back over the past several months, I can see that I've frequently surfed over to Lifetime TV and have been absolutely glued to the mellow drama found there. As grace would have it, I've also spent an inordinate amount of time on The Lucky Channel - being lavished by the divine with amazing surprises, exciting opportunities, and tremendous love. As 2006 winds down, I want to acknowledge that I am a very lucky and deeply grateful woman - a woman who also has a flair for the dramatic!

"I love this TV channel analogy because it reminds me that while it's essential that I take responsibility for where I'm focusing my attention, it's also important for me to lighten up and not take life so seriously.

"What would be possible for you if you didn't take it all so seriously? What if you approached your personal growth with a light heart? How much fun could you have transforming yourself and stepping into the highest expression of who you came here to be?

"After all, the truth is that you are, right this minute, living the greatest reality show that will ever be made. How would your life shift if you spent more time tuned into that show? It's on 24 hours a day...for the rest of your life. It's the 'You in All Your Glory Channel', and there are those in high places (if you know what I meant) who love watching every precious moment of it. So make it a great show! Have a joyous, spectacular time writing it, editing it, casting it, and directing it. And by all means, give it a great sound track!

"You see, the key to creating the best year of your life is not about the attainment of outer goals - although dreaming them up and pursuing them is a great part of the fun of life. Creating the best year of your life is about loving who you are. It's about loving ALL of who you are - the light, the dark, and every shade in between. And one of the ways you can demonstrate your love for yourself is by waking up more and more to where you are focusing your holy energy and consciously choosing the highest vibration possible.

"So I invite you to step boldly into the new year, acknowledging where you've been and choosing where you want to go next. Program your universal remote control to the channels that will move your sweet soul, heal your heart, inspire you to take action, and give you a deep sense of peace at the very center of your being.

"With love and endless blessings,

-- Debbie Ford, from her E newsletter, The Best Year of Your Life.