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"Creating 2007 to Be the________Year of Your Life

Imagine this...

It's December 31st 2006. In the weeks leading up to this auspicious day, you've gone through your files, discarded old paperwork, gotten current on your bills, returned your phone calls, weeded through your email, and even backed up your computer.

You've gone through your closet and, after marveling at some of the shopping choices you've made, you decided to have a "spiritual divorce" with some of your wardrobe. It's not easy saying goodbye to what was once your favorite sexy t-shirt, but you remind yourself that every ending is really a new beginning.

You've delivered some of the important communications that you'd been delaying - like telling your mother how grateful you are for every breath she takes, letting a colleague know about a new boundary you've set for yourself at work, or placing a hand-written note in your child's coat pocket letting them know that living their dreams their own way is vitally important to the world.

On this date, you can honestly look across the landscape of your life and see that the past is where it belongs - in the past! Having tended to your unresolved issues, projects, and relationships, you are now READY! You're ready for 2007 to be the most________year of your life. It's your big, beautiful, blank canvas, and you can create it any way you want it. Perhaps you're ready for the most loving year of your life, the most successful year of your life, or maybe the most creative, financially prosperous, pleasurable, enlightening, exciting, hot, passionate, gentle, relaxing, adventurous, hopeful, healthy, or inspiring year of your life!...

...Take Action Now!

Identify Your Unfinished Business

1. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of 2006 that you haven't taken action on? And are these goals still important to you?

2. What relationships, projects, and issues do you need to address or resolve in order to move powerfully into 2007?

3. What relationships, projects, and issues do you need to let go of because they are no longer important to you?

4. Are there any letters, phone calls, or other communications that you need to deliver in order to be free to move forward?

5. Is there clutter in your home or office that needs to be unloaded before the New Year's Eve Ball descends from the flagpole in Times Square?

This week, make time for yourself simply to take inventory. What needs to go and what needs to stay? What have you outgrown? And where can you make room for unbelievable magic to come your way?

Sending you love and blessings",

-- Debbie Ford, The Best Year of your Life